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I’m a relative newcomer to the NFT space (because of NBA Top Shot, which I wrote about a few weeks ago) and it seems as though I got into it right before Top Shot specifically and NFTs generally became part of the public discourse.¹ This is not to suggest that NFTs just started existing recently, or with Top Shot — obviously they’ve been around for longer than that — just that I’ve always found it interesting when a digital thing tips.

I was on Facebook in early 2005, but…

Being Extremely Online and loving NBA basketball have fuelled an exciting and addictive new hobby which has also introduced me to the NFT space

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The first time I heard about bitcoin was in 2013. I was working at an advertising agency in Toronto and one of the developers in my department struck up a conversation about everyone’s favourite cryptocurrency. “So, it’s like money?” I asked, like an idiot.

He tried to explain bitcoin and bitcoin mining to me and I didn’t get it, especially the mining part. He explained it again and while I still didn’t really get it, I said I’d consider putting $1,000 or so into bitcoin if he could explain how to go about doing that. He tried to explain how…

Some thoughts about the spot heard ‘round the world

One week after the fact, the amount of people still talking about the Gillette ad is astounding, but of course it’s not astounding. People get hard over their takes and because we live in the darkest and dumbest timeline, discourse has been reduced to tweets, statuses, comments, and blog posts (like this one).

We have been successfully conditioned to be dutiful social media idiots desperate to have takes (like this one) and as such we are perpetually ripe for the picking when things like the Gillette ad come along, because let’s get fucking real: that spot was created so that…

My friend, in a recent Facebook Messenger conversation, wrote the following:

“Run if you feel you need to. Do what you want to do. Never regret anything.”

In 2009, I ran. I left Montréal — which I’d called home for the most part since 1997 — because I felt I’d hit some kind of ceiling. It was a hard decision to make and I wasn’t good at hard decisions so I turned it into a game. In October 2009, I visited a friend in New York City and made up my mind to have my mind…

What a mid-30s career crisis looks like

For most of my career (it still feels weird to call the things I do for money a “career,” but I digress) I was a freelancer. I didn’t have an office, or a formal setting in which I plied my trade(s). I’d work in bed, in the kitchen, at cafés, and a lot of the time, with a full charge and an Americano at Parc La Fontaine. That all changed when I moved to Toronto and got my first real “office job.”

I’d worked in offices before, sure, but starting in September, 2011, I had a bunch of things I…


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