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  • Steven Farmer

    Steven Farmer

    Short bios suck. #WWMBD?

  • Roxanna Bennett

    Roxanna Bennett

    Feminist atheist nerd. I cuss a lot. My first book of poems 'The Uncertainty Principle' forthcoming 2014 from Tightrope Books

  • Sausage Elsa

    Sausage Elsa

    Photographer - Writer - Bilingue - Queen of Night Cheese

  • Stuart Thursby

    Stuart Thursby

    Founder & Creative Director, Stack Creative in Toronto. Find us online at www.stackcreative.co.

  • Bryan Acker

    Bryan Acker

    Culture Change Ambassador - @TELUS Transformation Office. Help me fight cancer. http://bit.ly/XlrBu1 http://centuryclubriders.com/ #RTCC13

  • MacGregorSmithsonian


    Writer-at-Large http://Smithsonianmag.com

  • louis-félix binette

    louis-félix binette

    Thinking forward on collaboration in the network society. Connecting people to turn ideas into projects. Looking for opportunities to generate impact.

  • Jamie Russo

    Jamie Russo

    Unconventional wisdom for aspiring creatives. Subscribe: goodnote.substack.com.

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